1st Quarter of the Year

Training dates in the first quarter 2022

Advance terms apply

Individual Rescue Techniques *as needed7-8as needed290 zł
Itr - Renewal13,20,273,10-11,16-17,243,10,17,24190 zł
Personal Safety and Shared Responsibility13-14as neededas needed210 zł
Fundamentals of Fire Protectionas needed14-15as needed270 zł
Fundamentals of Fire Protection - Renewal14,21,284,10-11,16-17,254,11,18,25,31190 zł
Higher Fire Protectionas needed1-329-31350 zł
Higher Fire Protection - Renewal14,21,2810-11,16-17,254,18,25,31200 zł
Medical Basic IMO 1.13as needed9as needed210 zł
Medical Higher IMO 1.14as neededas needed1-2290 zł
IMO Medical Care 1.15as neededas neededas needed580 zł
Medical care - Renewal272828200 zł
Paramedic - Renewal10,17,24,317,14,21,287,14,21,28215 zł
Senior Lifeguard------23-24980 zł
Senior Lifeguard - Renewal------24470 zł
Crowd Management V / 2.724as needed7150 zł
Safe. For the crews Direct. Serving Passengers ... V/2.624as needed7150 zł
Crisis Management and Human Behavior V / 2.826as needed14190 zł
Safe. Cargo Passages and Watertight Provision. RO-RO V / 2.9as neededas needed21-22280 zł
Operation of Tankers and Chemical Tankers - Basic24-26as needed8-10300 zł
Operation of gas carriers - Basic17-19as needed15-17300 zł

Please have the old certificate for training renewals - expired for no more than a year and a seaman's book with six-month practice in the last five years !

Dates of the courses in the 1st quarter 2022

Ship Security Officeras neededas neededas needed440 zł
Ship Security Issuesas neededas neededas needed140 zł
For Crew Members with Assigned Security Responsibilitiesas neededas neededas needed160 zł
Port Facility Security OfficerAs neededAs neededAs needed800 zł
Shipowner Security OfficerAs neededAs neededAs needed800 zł
HAZMATAs neededas neededas needed290 zł
ISM CodeAs neededAs neededAs needed210 zł

Courses on the Simulator

Operation and use of the IMO ECDIS 1.27as neededas neededas needed1200 zł
Use of radar and A.R.P.A. IMO operational level 1.07as neededas neededas needed1200 zł
Use of radar and A.R.P.A. IMO management level 1.08as neededas neededas needed1000 zł
Nautical command of the shipAs neededAs neededAs needed2000 zł
Maneuvering large ships and ships with unusual maneuvering characteristicsAs neededAs neededAs needed5100 zł
Didactic for IMO instructors 6.09As neededas neededas needed1500 zł
Didactic for instructors training and examining on IMO simulators 6.10As neededAs neededAs needed1800 zł

Qualification Courses

OS seamanas neededas neededas needed2000 zł
Senior Sailor ABas neededas neededas needed2500 zł